Car Breakdown


1. Only the legal owner, the registered owner, a person authorized in writing by the registered owner or vehicle's insurer, a person who is determined and verified by the operator to have the permission of registered owner of the vehicle, or one who has purchased a vehicle or item who produces proof of ownership or written authorization may redeem an impounded vehicle or items of personal property. RCW 46.55.120

2. Radios, stereos, and other items attached to the vehicle by bolts, screws, or some other manner that incorporates them to the vehicle must remain with the vehicle. WAC 204-1A-130

3. We are not responsible for personal items left in vehicles.

4. An ignition interlock system must be removed by a qualified technician and released to the installing company and must not render the vehicle inoperable. WAC 204-91A-130

If the vehicle was impounded due to a DUI (Driving under the influence) and you are the registered owner, the vehicle will remain in impound for a mandatory 12 hour period. You will be able to redeem your vehicle once the 12 hour hold has expired!

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Redemption of vehicles after regular business hours are subject to an after hour gate fee. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.